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Monday, February 27, 2012

Camp Life

Camp life is awesome! We have a full-time tenant that watches the camp year around. Part of payment goes towards upkeep, kinda like a HOA fee, so each and every time you travel down... camp is spotless and clean, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Most every lot is on the river, and to your back is the spectacular Sierra Juarez Mountains.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What to do when you aren't hunting

Social Activities
Typically the hunters in Campo Ramona hunt every other weekend, usually leaving on Thursday and return home on Sunday. We start the season in early October, the August/September heat is too much unless you stay in Mexicali at a hotel or have a super air conditioning system in camp. We email each other to coordinate activities and food, we typically have meals together alternating homes.

We have 3 events a year, two during the season and one just after the end of the season.
  • First we have a Christmas dinner during the week between Christmas and New Years, for the owners of the camp, Ramona, her children and grandchildren. We bring them gifts, candy, fruit and more, which everyone chips in for.
  • The second is President’s weekend, we have BBQ ribs dinner after our annual skeet shooting contest. Many wives and children join us in these 2 events.
  • The third one is Darryll’s Fishing Derby which has been held for more than 30 years and is for guys only. For 3 days we feast on excellent food and drink, we hit golf balls trying... to hit a boat anchored about 90 yards away across the river, winners take several pots a day. There are always poker games going on and on one day we have our big Texas Hold’em poker tournament with cash prizes for last 3 players. We usually wrap things up with a horseshoe contest. The Derby happens about one month after the season... normally in April.

Everything you need to know about hunting!

Hunting Licenses, Gun Permits and Game Limits
You are not allowed to bring guns and ammunition into Mexico, it’s against the law and if caught you could go to jail, lose your gun and more.

You can bring 2 guns and 100 shells per gun for hunting purposes if you obtain a military permit and have a hunting license contract with a guide. The hunters of Campo Ramona use 2 entities to obtain the necessary documentation.

Licensing and gun permits cost about $500 per season. To obtain licensing and gun permits for Baja contact:
Arturo Malo, Owner of Baja Hunting
Phone: 011 52 686 557 0070

Licensed Guide and provider of game tags. Cost is approximately $600 per season. To obtain membership to the UMA which provides guide/tags contact:
Jim Kertzman,UMA 57
Cell: 619-884-8450

The benefit of hunting in Mexico a long uninterrupted season, large game limits an abundance of fields and waterways to hunt.
  • Dove: This is the longest season, it starts in August and ends at the end of February, the limit is 45 per tag, tag cost about $50.
  • Quail: Mid October through January, limit is 30 per tag, tag cost about $50
  • Pheasants: Late October through January, limit 8 per tag, cost per tag $50
  • Ducks, Geese and Brant: early November through February, limits 30 per tag, tags cost about $100.
The above costs are approximate and should be verified by contacting the 2 entities above and are shown here to give the reader an idea of the hunting opportunities and related costs.

Since Campo Ramona and our hunting grounds are in Baja, which is about the same climate as Palm Springs, warm and hot. Most of the upland game hunting is in shorts and a tee shirt and waterfowl hunting is done in layered clothing to accommodate a cold early morning boat ride and the warming of the late morning sun. lightweight full waders are the pants of choice.

Lots/Homes/Trailers for Sale

The cost of an improved or unimproved lot per year is $840 which is paid in 2 payments. Caretaker’s Salary $440 per lot due before October 1st and the rent, $400 due before December 31st.

For more information contact:
Gordon Maddock
Cell: 626.945.8880
Home: 909.301.3199

Properties for Rent or Sale
All properties in Campo Ramona are rented on an annual basis at $440 per year weather improved or not. Some lots have improvements on them and those improvements might be for sale but the underlying rent is the same. There are dozens of lots available for rent which can be seen by visiting the camp. Following are some properties that have improvements that are for sale:

House Price $7,000
Contact: Darryll Stokes. Phone: 619-507-5800

House Price $2,000
Contact: Fred Bowden. Phone: 626-945-1209

All you need to know about Campo Ramona

Campo Ramona is located off the San Felipe Highway (Route 5) about 1 hour south of Mexicali. It has easy access to upland game hunting in the farmlands of Mexicali Valley, Valley of Trinidad and waterfowl hunting in the Colorado River Delta.

The camp consists of dozens of trailer/home sites on the Colorado River. Most sites are vacant, many are improved with houses and trailers and some are partially improved. The average lot size is about 70X150 and some owners rent multiple lots. The camp is on a bend in the river and the views are phenomenal.

There are no utilities serving Campo Ramona so the residents use generators for electricity, propane for cooking and heating, septic tanks for sewerage and our water is delivered from a water purification facility and kept in water tanks.

What makes Campo Ramona unique to other camps along the Rio Hardy and Rio Colorado are 2 main features.
  • First it is the most southerly (downstream) camp which means less boat travel time to duck and goose hunting ponds, we are the last camp on the river.
  • The second benefit is a raised and graveled road from the highway through the camp. Most all other camps have roads that are the natural contour of the land, these road are extremely slippery when wet from rain, in fact it takes 4 wheel drive with chains on all 4 to navigate your vehicle... not only having river access to hunting the river is great for water skiing/boarding.
There is a full time English speaking caretaker on the property that patrols the ground several times a day to insure security, he has workmen that can construct homes, docks, concrete/brick patios and more at extremely reasonable rates. For more information on rates, and how to become a member, click HERE or just navigate to the 'Inquire About Joining' tab at the top of this page.