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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunrise from a duck blind...

Paradise... I would have to say... YES! For over 40 years, hunter and avid sportsman, Jim K., sent along this photo showing his view from recent duck hunting trip down on the Rio Hardy. Sunrises are some of the most spectacular sites, but not as spectacular as all the birds in the air :-) Thanks for the Photo Jim.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Transportation... Air-boats & Jet-boats

The wetlands of the Rio Hardy river basin are very similar to the swamps of Florida... that being said, one mode of transportation that works well in super shallow water is by airboat. These high-powered prop propelled machines are amazing to have and are almost a must when the water is shallow. We also have the use for smaller outboard jet boats which work well in most all other circumstances. One advantage that the smaller boats have over the airboat is that they don;t make as much noise, allowing you to not scare up ducks while moving into your blind.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Everything you need to know about hunting!

Hunting Licenses, Gun Permits and Game Limits
You are not allowed to bring guns and ammunition into Mexico, it’s against the law and if caught you could go to jail, lose your gun and more.

You can bring 2 guns and 100 shells per gun for hunting purposes if you obtain a military permit and have a hunting license contract with a guide. The hunters of Campo Ramona use 2 entities to obtain the necessary documentation.

Licensing and gun permits cost about $500 per season. To obtain licensing and gun permits for Baja contact:
Arturo Malo, Owner of Baja Hunting
Phone: 011 52 686 557 0070

Licensed Guide and provider of game tags. Cost is approximately $600 per season. To obtain membership to the UMA which provides guide/tags contact:
Jim Kertzman,UMA 57
Cell: 619-884-8450

The benefit of hunting in Mexico a long uninterrupted season, large game limits an abundance of fields and waterways to hunt.
  • Dove: This is the longest season, it starts in August and ends at the end of February, the limit is 45 per tag, tag cost about $50.
  • Quail: Mid October through January, limit is 30 per tag, tag cost about $50
  • Pheasants: Late October through January, limit 8 per tag, cost per tag $50
  • Ducks, Geese and Brant: early November through February, limits 30 per tag, tags cost about $100.
The above costs are approximate and should be verified by contacting the 2 entities above and are shown here to give the reader an idea of the hunting opportunities and related costs.

Since Campo Ramona and our hunting grounds are in Baja, which is about the same climate as Palm Springs, warm and hot. Most of the upland game hunting is in shorts and a tee shirt and waterfowl hunting is done in layered clothing to accommodate a cold early morning boat ride and the warming of the late morning sun. lightweight full waders are the pants of choice.