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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunrise from a duck blind...

Paradise... I would have to say... YES! For over 40 years, hunter and avid sportsman, Jim K., sent along this photo showing his view from recent duck hunting trip down on the Rio Hardy. Sunrises are some of the most spectacular sites, but not as spectacular as all the birds in the air :-) Thanks for the Photo Jim.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All you need to know about Campo Ramona

Campo Ramona is located off the San Felipe Highway (Route 5) about 1 hour south of Mexicali. It has easy access to upland game hunting in the farmlands of Mexicali Valley, Valley of Trinidad and waterfowl hunting in the Colorado River Delta.

The camp consists of dozens of trailer/home sites on the Colorado River. Most sites are vacant, many are improved with houses and trailers and some are partially improved. The average lot size is about 70X150 and some owners rent multiple lots. The camp is on a bend in the river and the views are phenomenal.

There are no utilities serving Campo Ramona so the residents use generators for electricity, propane for cooking and heating, septic tanks for sewerage and our water is delivered from a water purification facility and kept in water tanks.

What makes Campo Ramona unique to other camps along the Rio Hardy and Rio Colorado are 2 main features.
  • First it is the most southerly (downstream) camp which means less boat travel time to duck and goose hunting ponds, we are the last camp on the river.
  • The second benefit is a raised and graveled road from the highway through the camp. Most all other camps have roads that are the natural contour of the land, these road are extremely slippery when wet from rain, in fact it takes 4 wheel drive with chains on all 4 to navigate your vehicle... not only having river access to hunting the river is great for water skiing/boarding.
There is a full time English speaking caretaker on the property that patrols the ground several times a day to insure security, he has workmen that can construct homes, docks, concrete/brick patios and more at extremely reasonable rates. For more information on rates, and how to become a member, click HERE or just navigate to the 'Inquire About Joining' tab at the top of this page.